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General Cable, through its Suffern, New York Engineering Center, provides a wide range of engineering services. Application Engineers supply technical cable data and support, both at the time of purchase and after installation. This includes a wide range of electrical and mechanical characteristics that enable Utilities to make the best decisions about which product to purchase and install. Considerations include first cost as well as cost of operation throughout the anticipated cable life. Our engineers also visit job sites upon request to provide “hands on” assistance with both overhead and underground installations.

· Cable Systems Design and Testing

· Turnkey Installations and Field Supervision

· Research & Development
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· Testing and Analytical Center 
   Marshall Technology Center

General Cable's Williamsport Technology Center is an ISO 9001 standardized facility, which is fully accredited by CSA International as a Prototype Verification/Design facility under their Option 9000 test program.

General Cable's Williamsport Technology Center offers the following development, testing and analysis:

Compound Development
General Cable has the capability to develop, blend, analyze, and test new cable insulation materials. Stringent approval testing is conducted on formulas that are optimized for both performance and cost.

Quality Approval

The Technology Center engineers and technicians perform extensive raw material testing to ensure quality in the cables produced. General Cable’s testing protocols meet or exceed industry norms.

Overhead Conductor Testing
Full capabilities exist to perform stress/strain, creep, and vibration testing of overhead conductors. Senior engineers translate the values into sag/tension characteristics based on customer needs.

Electrical Testing
General Cable performs long-term insulation resistance testing of all new insulation systems. Cable is maintained at 75 or 90°C in water, with applied voltage for up to a year to acquire approval for use.

Thermal & Chemical Analysis
The Technology Center is fully equipped to analyze insulation for resistance to chemical and thermal extremes. Thermal analysis tools are used to characterize insulation and to predict long-term performance in service.

The Technology Center is outfitted to analyze insulation for resistance to chemical and thermal extremes. Thermal analysis tools are used to characterize insulation and to predict long-term performance in service.

Mechanical Testing
General Cable performs many types of metallurgical analysis from aluminum alloy development to investigation of field samples. General Cable's internal audio and video information systems allow its R&D staff to view and discuss real-time tests.

Compound Extrusion
The Technology Center performs tensile, compression, abrasion, crush, impact, and flexibility testing down to minus 40°C. This capability supports customers in all geographic areas of North America.


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