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Lasting change doesn’t happen in isolation. Real transformation occurs in partnership with others. This is why the development of sustainable solutions is crucial to General Cable’s vision for a brighter future. Some of our innovative offerings include:

STAR® Program – Through this unique program, General Cable offers its utility customers the opportunity to generate revenue through the recycling and recovery of scrap conductors and wood reels. This initiative service saves 95% of the energy needed to produce primary metal, improves energy GHG performance, conserves resources, and reduces CO2 emissions and solid waste stream.

MASTERPAK® – General Cable was the first cable manufacturer to develop this innovative packaging solution through partnership with its customers. This revolutionary method allows us to produce and ship insulated aluminum low voltage cable without the wooden reel, saving millions of trees from being harvested.

Reel Rewards – General Cable offers this form of a credit remittance for returned Alcan Cable wooden reels meeting specific condition criteria, giving our customers the incentive to recycle directly into General Cable’s manufacturing process. This improves energy CGH performance, reduces CO2 emissions, and reduces solid waste stream by 80%.

Anti-Counterfeit Products Initiative – There has been increased concern over products entering the electrical products marketplace that do not meet the safety and performance standards established for the North American market. General Cable has joined forces with other electrical product manufacturers to support The Electrical Distributor Magazine’s Anti-Counterfeit Products Initiative which informs customers of the dangers of purchasing non-compliant products.

Zephyr2000™ – Wind power plays an important role in meeting the nation’s long term energy needs and is a renewable source of electrical power. General Cable manufactures this conductor for windmill generation upon special request as part of our commitment to providing new and innovative aluminum solutions to the many customers we serve.

STABILOY® Brand Feeder Cables - This remarkable wiring solution is a more sustainable option than traditional wiring materials. Feeder cables generate a relative improvement on environmental eco-indicators ranging from 45% to 90%.

Green Transmission Conductors - Aluminum trapezoidal wire (TW) transmission conductors reduce line losses by 17 - 22% and typically deliver a return on investment within a few months. Alcan Cable has custom-developed software to quantify this savings, showing the average savings over the 40 year life cycle of a transmission line to be 6.3 million pounds of CO2.

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