Corporate Social Responsibility

At General Cable, Corporate Social Responsibility is a focused commitment to operate in a manner that creates value to the company and to the communities that we serve.  Our corporate social responsibility philosophy is based on the following four tenets: Sustainability, Safety, Citizenship and Innovation.      General Cable CSR overview


To ensure the protection of the environment by conserving natural resources, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and quality management standards, recycling, and the implementation of best practices and process improvements in the manufacturing of our wire and cable products.


To provide a safe and healthy work environment for all General Cable associates by working together to eliminate or control all conditions and behaviors that can lead to personal injury or occupational illness. General Cable’s Zero & Beyond goal is based on a company culture of safety first in order to achieve zero fatalities, zero injuries, zero incidents and zero job-related illnesses at work, at home and in our communities.


To conduct business in an open, honest and ethical manner based on our Code of Ethics and Compliance Guidelines.  A focused commitment to supporting the communities where we live and work through company sponsored educational, development and volunteer programs.  And, ensuring our supply chain partners support our company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.


To develop environmentally-friendly wire and cable solutions to meet our customers’ needs including the demand for solar and wind applications in the renewable energy markets.

Visit the General Cable Corporate Social Responsibility website to view the full report.

The updated industry paper The Evolution of Aluminum Conductors Used for Building Wire and Cable is now available on the NEMA website. This paper describes the development and acceptance of AA-8000 series aluminum conductors for feeder and service entrance cable applications.

White Papers

In the white papers section, you have full access to the technical documents that outline General Cable’s continued support of industry initiatives and trends. Each paper shows our dedication to product safety and specification compliance, as well as brand promises and sustainable industry practices.

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