Residential Service Entrance Cable

Light weight. Flexible. Easy to install. Economical. These are just a few of the beneficial properties of STABILOY® Brand aluminum alloy service entrance cables. The STABILOY®  Brand of aluminum alloy cables are excellent products for residential applications for these important reasons. In addition, General Cable's products are recognized by the National Electrical Code and the Canadian Electrical Code, CSA, and are listed by the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. 

Typically, the size of the residence determines the size of the electrical system required. A need for economies of scale requires the use of standard products for electrical wiring in such residential applications. Contractors and distributors that support residential contractors prefer to work with manufacturers that provide quality products and a reliable service. Manufacturer's Representatives of General Cable provide commercial and technical support to the distributors that specialize in residential applications.

General Cable also provides the invaluable service of Field Application Engineers (FAEs). Our FAEs provide you with the technical support and answers you're looking for.  For more information on how General Cable can help you today, click on  the Product and Support Locator in the top right hand corner of this page.

Major Projects List for STABILOY® and NUAL® Brand Cable - 2013 Edition

General Cable's STABILOY® and NUAL® Brand aluminum alloy cables are installed in a variety of projects including schools, stadiums, hotels, condominiums, and hospitals throughout North America.  

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Price Sheets

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