Non Residential Feeder Cable

Wire and cable installations in industrial facilities are required to meet the demanding specifications from the owners of these facilities as well as the local and national installation requirements. As the owner of several industrial plants, Alcan Cable shares the unwavering requirement to utilize quality, reliable products to assure a smooth running plant. 

For this purpose, General Cable provides Field Applications Engineers for technical support to the engineers and maintenance staff at the industrial facilities to select and use the nationally recognized STABILOY® Brand of feeder cable products in their facilities. General Cable's Engineers have a combined experience of over 100 years, and are ready to help you begin learning about the benefits of aluminum cable today!
Commercial facilities require unwavering reliability, and General Cable has a long heritage of providing just this – reliable, customer-centric service. General Cable understands that design and material selection decisions for installation in commercial facilities are made by a variety of decision makers, including contractors, design engineers, owners, and developers. General Cable has the tools and experience required to meet the project specifications and applicable local and national installation standards that are important to all of these parties.

General Cable's Manufacturer Representatives and Field Applications Engineers provide technical support to electrical contractors, design engineers, owners and developers to select and use the nationally recognized STABILOY®  Brand of feeder cable products in commercial projects. Let General Cable provide your company with reliable value and peace of mind today.
The use of nationally recognized STABILOY® Brand products in institutional facilities ensures a wise use of public resources. Where required, STABILOY® Brand feeder cables are uniquely positioned to deliver energy efficiency requirements in a variety of public projects.

Institutional facilities include those that are developed or used by the public institutions at local, regional, and national levels. Typical facilities include schools, dorms, libraries, post offices, office buildings, prisons, airports, waste water facilities, etc. General Cable has documented success in working with all of these institutions.

General Cable's Manufacturer Representatives and Field Applications Engineers provide technical support to electrical contractors, design engineers, and the staff at institutional agencies to select and use STABILOY® Brand feeder cable products in various public projects. Discover how you can start saving with Alcan Cable products today!

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General Cable has a unique approach to sustainable business practices, which we call Corporate Social Responsibility. With our focus on Sustainability, Safety, Citizenship and Innovation, we are working to create value to the communities we serve. 

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The updated industry paper The Evolution of Aluminum Conductors Used for Building Wire and Cable is now available on the NEMA website. This paper describes the development and acceptance of AA-8000 series aluminum conductors for feeder and service entrance cable applications.

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