Rod & Strip

General Cable is the world's largest supplier of aluminum strip products and a leading supplier of both electrical and mechanical rod alloys around the globe. 

Since 1973, General Cable's mill in Jonquiere, Quebec, has been producing continuous cast aluminum redraw rod to exacting standards.  Nearby smelters supply 99.7% pure molten aluminum which is then alloyed and cast into high-grade rod for both electrical and mechanical applications. Completion of a multi-million dollar modernization project in October of 2009 allows for the production of high Mg alloys.

Aluminum strip, produced at St-Maurice works in Shawinigan, Quebec, is used to manufacture the metal sheathing for electrical cables for construction and industrial markets. With its combination of strength, formability, and light weight, aluminum is the metal of choice for contractors and electricians. As a result, aluminum strip has replaced steel for many commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

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ACSR T-2® conductors are the most cost effective means to mitigate galloping, Aeolian vibration, and sub-conductor oscillation in transmission lines.

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