TransPowr® Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported ACSS (Round) and ACSS/TW (Trapezoidal)

Although similar to conventional TransPowr® ACSR cable, General Cable’s TransPowr® Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS) cable features conductors that provide distinct advantages for certain transmission line applications, including the ability to operate continuously at temperatures up to 250°C with appropriate steel core coating (vs. 100°C for standard ACSR). This cable delivers substantially higher current carrying capacity than same-sized ACSR, and reduces sag allowing for lower transmission tower height. This cable is used in overhead distribution and transmission line applications. TransPowr® ACSS/TW is a trapezoidal aluminum conductor steel-supported concentric-lay-stranded conductor. The aluminum strands are trapezoidal in shape


    • Concentrically stranded conductor consisting of one or more layers of aluminum alloy 1350-0 temper wires around a stranded steel core
    • Meets or exceeds industry requirements per ASTM specifications B856 and B857
    • Steel core corrosion protection from zinc-5% aluminum mischmetal alloy (Zn-5Al-MM) coating or aluminum cladding (AW)
    • Steel core is available in Standard, High, Extra High, and Ultra High strengths
    • Available with an optional low reflectivity ‘non-specular’ finish

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