TransPowr® ACSR/T-2® Twisted Pair Conductors

General Cable’s TransPowr® ACSR/T-2® conductor consists of a twisted pair of aluminum steel reinforced conductors that are wound in a left hand direction on 9 foot intervals in accordance with ASTM B-911. The twisted conductor construction has over three decades of proven field experience in reducing line galloping due to the formation of ice on the conductor. TransPowr® ACSR/T-2® conductors have been shown as the most cost effective means to mitigate galloping, Aeolian vibration, and sub-conductor oscillation in transmission lines


    • The constantly changing profile of the figure eight shape provided by ACSR/T-2® twisted pair conductors disrupt the lift forces that cause violent elliptical motion of single conductors under ice formation.
    • ACSR/T-2® twisted pair conductors also exhibit a rocking motion under wind conditions that translate vibration energy into heat, thus providing a self-damping mechanism.
    • The inherent self-damping mechanism of ACSR/T-2® twisted pair allows the conductor to be installed per NEC Code limits, therefore reducing sag and structure height or allowing for longer ruling spans.
    • ACSR/T-2® twisted pair conductors are manufactured in accordance with ASTM B911 Standard Specification for ACSR/T-2® twisted pair conductor and ASTM B232 Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR).

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