PowrServ® XL 600 Volt Underground XLPE 90°C Service and Secondary Cable

General Cable’s 600 volt PowrServ® XL underground cables bring our outstanding performance and reliability to your underground electrical delivery circuits. Because underground cable installations vary, this cable is available with one, two, or three phase conductors twisted with a neutral conductor. The neutral is equal in size to, or two sizes smaller than, the phase conductors.


    • Meets or exceeds ANSI/ICEA S-105-692 and UL 854, listed as Type USE-2 cable
    • Designed for use in circuits carrying 600 volts or less
    • Useful in duct or direct-burial applications in wet or dry environments
    • 90°C maximum conductor temperature under normal conditions, 130°C for emergency overload, 250°C for short circuit conditions

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