Can 4 conductors of 400 AWG cable fit into a 3" Rigid Conduit with a 1" THHN Copper conductor?

Could you please supply the material resistivity of the AL STABILOY® Brand XHHW-2 conductor (µ at 20° C?

Do you have a guideline on how to secure 4/0-4/0-4/0-2 Type MC Cable? (i.e. clamps, etc). What is the minimum bend radius?

Does General Cable offer STABILOY® Brand cable with a copper grounding conductor? I have several runs with 4-750AL and 1- 4/0 copper grounding conductor. Is this something you can incorporate in a twisted 5 conductor?

Is a Burndy lug (#YS39A1) the correct lug to use when butt splicing 750 mcm STABILOY® Brand XHHW cable?

Is STABILOY® Brand WIDESTRIPE® XHHW-2 rated for 90º C at 300A?

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