Codes and Standards

Can electrical cable products be used to obtain LEED credits?

Can the inner conductors of a Service Entrance Cable be used in conduit if the jacket is stripped off?

Do you have a product standard stating the support of MC Cable larger than a size #10 AWG? For example, 500 MCM MC Cable secured and supported from Box, termination etc. per Article 330.30 NEC?

In hotel and motel guest suites that don't have provisions for cooking, what are the requirements for receptacles and switches?

Is there a minimum distance that aluminum ground wire can be run outside? The NEC only spells out termination of 18" above ground.

Now that SE Cable used as a branch circuit or feeder is restricted to 60C, how does that affect the size of the conductors in different applications?

Why are inspectors now requiring four conductors for installations that previously only required three?

Why do we offer a reduced neutral for mobile home feeders?

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