STABILOY® Brand Projects - Institutional

Penn Hills Elementary School
Pittsburgh, PA

STABILOY® Brand MC Cable and XHHW-2 HS (High Speed) were selected by the electrical contractor based on his previous experience with STABILOY Brand cable at the Penn Hills High School project.

Princeton Middle and High Schools
Cincinnati, Ohio

STABILOY® Brand FeederPlex HS® cable provided a significant reduction in the number of installers required for the project.  The plexed cable assembly of Type XHHW-2 conductors addressed specific color configuration requirements and the specially designed insulation allowed for fast cable pulls.   

Mt. Sinai Hospital
Manhattan, NY

STABILOY® Brand MC Cable and WIDESTRIPE HS® XHHW were specified and installed in this expansion project to reduce installation time. Very difficult delivery requirements in upper Manhattan required a coordinated effort between General Cable and the electrical contractor.

Las Cruces High School
Las Cruces, New Mexico

STABILOY® Brand WIDESTRIPE HS® XHHW feeders were selected for this new school based on product quality and the cost savings associated with this high speed wiring solution. The project engineer will specify General Cable products for all future schools in New Mexico.

University of Scranton Science Center
Scranton, PA

Over 35,000 feet of STABILOY® Brand FeederPlex HS® cable was installed in the 200,000 square foot facility of classrooms, offices and laboratories.  The factory produced plexed assembly of XHHW-2 conductors allowed for one setup, one pull and minimized the number of reels required at the job site.



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