Mobile Calculator Applications

Put General Cable's mobile apps to work for you. They will simplify field calculations and save you valuable time. 

General Cable Voltage Drop Calculator – A quick and easy tool to find maximum circuit distance and minimum conductor size for the required voltage drop. It is designed for contractors, electricians, and other electrical professionals.

General Cable Conduit Fill Calculator –  Calculate the minimum conduit size per National Electrical Code. Find quick answers without spending hours on lengthy calculations. All calculations are based on the NEC 2011 edition.  

General Cable Ampacity Calculator –  Calculate  conductor ampacities for different temperature ratings. The ampacity values are taken from the NEC 2011 ampacity table T310.15 (B) (16).


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STABILOY® Brand Project Profile Video - Bedford Springs Resort

STABILOY® Brand Metal Clad cable was installed in the $120 million renovation of the historic Omni Bedford Springs Resort.  See how our MC feeder cable was the most efficient and cost effective solution for this retrofit project.  View the YouTube video


General Cable has a unique approach to sustainable business practices, which we call Corporate Social Responsibility. With our focus on Sustainability, Safety, Citizenship and Innovation, we are working to create value to the communities we serve. 

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