Environment, Health & Safety

Staying ahead of the safety curve is a part of General Cable’s company culture. By focusing on "Zero & Beyond", we strive to operate our business with zero negative impacts on the health and safety of those who participate in our business while also doing all we can to avoid any negative environmental impacts from our products and processes. This policy transcends both language and culture-- as we demonstrated at our manufacturing plant in China where we constructed a green field cable operation with ZERO recordable injuries.
General Cable believes in forging a strong safety culture and a proactive mindset that focuses on constantly improving awareness, skills, leadership, and results. For us, “Zero & Beyond” represents an ironclad commitment by our entire workforce to take actions that maximize sustainable value for our employees, key stakeholders, and communities.

Read more about General Cable’s Zero & Beyond safety policy and performance statistics.

The updated industry paper The Evolution of Aluminum Conductors Used for Building Wire and Cable is now available on the NEMA website. This paper describes the development and acceptance of AA-8000 series aluminum conductors for feeder and service entrance cable applications.

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