Non Armoured Cables

Light weight. Flexible. Easy to install. Economical. These are just a few of the beneficial properties of NUAL® Brand aluminum alloy building wire. The NUAL® Brand of non-armoured aluminum alloy cables are excellent products for residential and commercial applications for these important reasons. In addition, General Cable's products are certified by the Canadian Electrical Code, CSA.

General Cable provides the invaluable service of Field Application Engineers (FAEs). Our FAEs provide you with the technical support and answers you're looking for. For more information on how General Cable can help you today, click on the Product and Support Locator in the top right hand corner of this page.


General Cable has a unique approach to sustainable business practices, which we call Corporate Social Responsibility. With our focus on Sustainability, Safety, Citizenship and Innovation, we are working to create value to the communities we serve.

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Major Projects List for STABILOY® Brand and NUAL® Brand Cable - New Edition

General Cable's STABILOY® Brand and NUAL® Brand aluminum alloy cables are installed in a variety of projects including schools, stadiums, hotels, condominiums, and hospitals throughout North America.  

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Info Center

The General Cable Information Center contains our complete library of product reference materials. This section includes case studies featuring product installations at high profile projects, product test results, handbooks and informative videos.

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