NUAL® Brand Aluminum Alloy Building Wire

Engineering the Future of

 … Building Today

NUAL® Brand aluminum alloy feeder cables provide superior value and quality to the electrical contractor, enabling building owners to create cost-effective, sustainable and energy efficient structures.

  • Highly engineered electrical solutions that provide superior connection reliability and unsurpassed quality
  • Offer electrical contractors twice the ampacity per pound serviced as copper
  • Lightweight and flexible with 40% less spring back making NUAL® Brand aluminum alloy feeder cables easier to work with than similar ampacity copper conductors

NUAL® Brand Armoured Cable (ACWU) Aluminum Alloy Feeders:

Eliminate the need for multiple reels and paralleling
  • Eliminate conduit pulls and lube requirements
  • Add phase identification for safe and accurate connections
  • Reduce labor time 66% over single conductor installations in steel conduit
  • Allow contractors to focus on the electrical and not the assembly