BICC® Brand PowrServ® 600 V Neutral Supported Cables - NS75

NS75 and NS75 PVCJ

General Cable’s PowrServ® NS75 is a certified neutral supported cable that can be made of one, two or three insulated conductors wrapped around a messenger. An optional conductor for the control of water heater may also be incorporated into the plex. The phase identification is achieved with coloured lines, but other options are possible. The messenger is either a compact 6/1 ACSR or a round-wire A2 (AASC) that can be bare or covered. For added protection against fire or chemicals, the phase conductors may be individually covered by a PVC jacket (NS75 PVCJ).


  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of CSA C22.2 No. 129 and is prescribed by the Canadian Electrical Code
  • The combination of light weight and strength of aluminum and its alloys make it the most effective and economical choice for overhead service applications
  • Designed for 600 volt applications
  • Polyethylene insulation rated for 75°C operation

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