BICC® Brand TransPowr® Ultra-High Strength Steel Core

General Cable’s TransPowr® Ultra-High Strength Steel core provides higher rated strength for all conductors using a steel core, including ACSR, ACSR/TW, ACSR/SD, ACSS, and ACSS/TW. TransPowr® ACSS and ACSS/TW conductors with ultra-high strength steel core wires provide the lowest sag possible on transmission lines operating at temperatures up to 250°C using steel core. For applications at standard temperature (100°C) operation requiring low sag, TransPowr® ACSR/SD self-damping with ultra-high strength steel benefits where the higher breaking strength of the steel core will provide lower sag and the self-damping design will prevent vibration damage.


    • Manufactured in accordance with ASTM B957
    • Contains the same density as standard steel used as core wire, but has up to 35% higher tensile strength with no weight penalty
    • Offered with a Zn 5% Al Mischmetal coating to ASTM B958
    • ACSS or ACSS/TW with ultra-high strength steel core offer a more economical high temperature, low sag solution compared to high temperature exotic core conductors.

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