Alcan (Tianjin) Alloy Products Donates Cable for Reconstruction of Sichuan Nursery School


Alcan (Tianjin) Alloy Products donated STABILOY® aluminum alloy cable to the construction of the Longxing Nursery School project located in the City of Chongzhou, Sichuan Province. Over 1,900 meters of STABILOY® ACWU90 and TC90 conductors will provide electrical power to the 6,500 square meter school.                              
                                                    Artist Rendering of Longxing Nursery School 
                                                   Longxing Town, Chongzhou

The school’s unique design consists of several classroom buildings connected by inside and outside play areas. The arrangements of the classroom buildings refer to the pattern of habitation in rural areas and small towns in Sichuan. The school will accommodate over 300 children of kindergarten age and will be suitable and accessible for disabled children. By using fast growing bamboo as plants and as construction material for the corridors, the project implements environmental-friendly techniques, and therefore, creates sustainable school buildings.

STABILOY® aluminum alloy feeder cable is a more sustainable option than traditional copper feeder cable. Based on an Alcan Cable life cycle assessment study, STABILOY® feeder cables show an improvement on environmental eco-indicators ranging from 45% to 90% compared to copper based designs.

In an effort to help Sichuan Province rebuild schools after the devastating May 2008 earthquake, the reconstruction of the Longxing Nursery School is sponsored by the Swiss Business Community and several foreign companies located in China. The construction of the school began in May 2009 and it is expected to open in May 2010.


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