Alcan Cable Attends 2010 IEEE PES T&D Expo in New Orleans


Alcan Cable recently attended the 2010 IEEE PES Expo in New Orleans, LA. The tradeshow booth showcased two new Alcan Cable products: Promethean Devices™ and ULTRA HS™ ACSS and ACSS/TW cables.

Promethean Devices™ is a new non-contact technology that enables transmission line operators to push up to 25% more power through existing transmission lines by receiving real time information about the conductor sag and temperature. See for more information.

ULTRA HS™ ACSS and ACSS/TW conductors utilize ultra high strength steel as recognized by new ASTM standards. The higher strength of the steel core, without the penalty of increased weight, allows for lower sags under high temperature operation. There may be times when standard ACSS or ACSS/TW conductors will not meet the sag criteria of a line and this is where ULTRA HS™ steel core conductors will be specified.

A hospitality night was held for customers at the New Orleans Marriott St. Charles room the evening of April 21st.


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