Energy Cables

General Cable is a leading supplier to the North American Investor Owned Utility market. Our product range includes a full line of bare and insulated aluminum conductors for carrying electricity from the generating station to the point of utilization. We offer the very best in overhead transmission and distribution bare cables, insulated line wire and service drop cables, and 600 volt underground cables.

STABILOY® Brand Aluminum Feeder Cable

General Cable’s STABILOY® Brand of aluminum alloy feeder cable provides a unique, cost-effective solution for residential, commercial, power utility, industrial, and institutional market applications. STABILOY® Brand electrical products are engineered to be the best, in quality and usability, and carry twice the ampacity per pound as similar copper conductors. In addition to being lighter and easier to work with, STABILOY® Brand feeders are fully annealed, making them 25% more flexible with 40% less spring back.

Renewable Energy Cables

Wind power plays an important role in meeting the nation’s long-term energy needs and is a renewable source for the generation of electrical power. General Cable offers high quality cable solutions for windmill power generation that provide tremendous flexibility. Rated at 2000 volts, our Zephry2000™ cable transfers the generated power to the step up transformer and is manufactured upon special request to meet the customers’ special requirements.  

Rod & Strip

General Cable is North America's largest producer of aluminum AC strip products and a leading supplier of electrical and mechanical rod alloys. With its combination of strength, formability, and light weight, aluminum has become the metal of choice for contractors and electricians and has replaced steel for many commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Major Projects List for STABILOY® and NUAL® Brand Cable - 2013 Edition

General Cable's STABILOY® and NUAL® Brand aluminum alloy cables are installed in a variety of projects including schools, stadiums, hotels, condominiums, and hospitals throughout North America.  

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White Papers

In the white papers section, you have full access to the technical documents that outline General Cable’s continued support of industry initiatives and trends. Each paper shows our dedication to product safety and specification compliance, as well as brand promises and sustainable industry practices.

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